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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2005|02:52 am]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |How To Deal--Frankie J]

I don't use this.. as you can tell. But whatever.
Go to my xanga 'cause it's cooler.. and leave comments.

<3 Katie

Sick of wasting time on what can never be..*

(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2005|04:53 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |none]

**Thursday-TAYLOR AND I WENT TO AARON CARTER! Ohhh boy. He came out to his car and nobody went upto him, so I was like is that really him or am I halloucinating (sp?) ?! and so Tay and I went up there 'n took some pictures 'cause it really was him then everybody else started going up there..aww omg. We were two feet away from him. What a flippen' hottie! Hahaha. So anyways, then Tay came back to my house 'n spent the night..fun stuff.
**Friday-School's gay. I hate White Pines. I'm working on switching, don't know where that's going yet but hey. Later I went to see Ring 2, again, with Steph 'n Christine 'n Kailey 'n Steven 'n Ricky 'n Tony 'n some other people I didnt know. That was pretty fun. I love my Steph..I miss her already. Haha. I'm happy Steven 'n I are back together, I wasnt sure how I would feel about it but I think it's a good thing. Awww, glad I met Stine. She's a sweetie.
**Saturday-(today)-Slept untill one, probably a good thing since I'm sort of sick. Went to the Birkenstock store in Muskegon with my mom, I mite get some new ones..not sure yet! So then we went to Meijer 'n I saw RACHEL there! Aww, miss her too. So anyways, nothing 2 exciting at Meijer. Got some eyeshadow, woo hoo. Tehe. Then I came home 'n now I'm just cleaning. Yukki* Later my mom and dad are going to some party, so I think I'm getting dropped off at Erika's to hang out for awhile.

Phone with Steph, so I'm gunna go talk to her..

(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2005|10:09 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |I Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain]

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

So, Today was pretty boring. Yano, same ol stuff. I was really happy today, don't know why either. Came home, sat around, Ballet for a couple hours. I found out I get to get my pointe shoes this spring, so I'm pretty excited for that. My dances are going good..Um..Talked to Steven. That's going pretty well. Steph called me, Friday we're gunna go to the movies with Tony, Ricky, Steven, 'n maybe Christine and Kalie (I think?)..Aw. Steven wrote her a note 'n he was was talking about me, he still really likes me. I'm super happy that stuffs goin' better. I think it actually is going somewhere, once again. But then again, doesnt it always? Tehe. After ballet I babysat Libs 'n Zach for a while..finally have enough money for my ipod. Heck Yes! Um..that's about it. I think I'm gunna go take a shower, 'n get some sleep.



..uh-oh.. [Mar. 19th, 2005|10:02 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |Have You Ever-Brandy]

Gab*Steph*Krissy*Kenz*Em-Thanks for being there for me through all of this! LLLLLOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GURLIES!

I love you so much...


*..::It's Friday::..* [Mar. 18th, 2005|03:45 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Rabbit Run-I think? Eminem]

It's Friday.

School actually wasn't to bad. My Daddy picked me up 'n took me to the doctors, I have a throat infection. Yukki. Then he took me to McDonalds ((yummy)) 'n then I had to go back to school, unfortunately. Emily and I ate in Mrs.Klont's room. She just sat down and talked to me about everything 'n I feel so much better, but I'm still a little disappointed. Aww, Emmy's mom just tried to cut her bangs 'n she spazzed out 'n now they're really short..I bet it's still cute! So the Buc Blaster's tonight..fun stuffs. I think. I can't dance worth crap though. Leah's here, and then some other people are coming over later. Leah is so cool. I wish I was just like Leah. Ok yeahh...wow. Well I'm gunna go...hang out with the coolest person I know!


I like you when your not trying to be somebody..


<333 Katie <333


(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2005|08:15 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Dirrty-Christina A]

I went 'n saw Be Cool with Brendon, Tyler, Andrea, Stephie, Erika, and MAR! It was kinna dumb, lotsa killing and white guys trying to be black...hahaha.

Then we went to Big Boy 'n hung out there for awhile. I was really hyper, uhh, first time in forever..no not really. Hahaha.

I miss Kenzie..

Well..I'm out.

*Feeling better...a little. [Mar. 9th, 2005|09:26 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Yes Lord ((Hehe))]

I miss how I used to be
When I was always happy
And everything was PeRfEcT
When I didn't know feeling and meaning of the word *BrOkEn HeArt*
Or what a *BrOkEn PrOmiSe* meant
When I thought the world around me was flawless
I had wings
And nothing felt un-reachable
But I don't know me anymore.

You made me who I am today
You changed my lifestyle
You made my self esteem lower than ever...

Therefore...I hate you, but I'm in love with you at the same time.

*((I'm sorry I can't be Perfect))*

(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2005|06:43 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |This One's For The Girls-Martina McBride]

I've just been thinking lately, if people are going to stab their so called "friends" in the back, and be like that...that's their problem. Why do I have to worry so much about it? As long as I keep my mouth shut. I'm just really happy for the friends I have who are actually there for me, and are willing to listen.
My head feels so full, that if i fill it anymore it's gunna explode! I was thinking about everything that I've gone through with guys, and I realized it's all so stupid. Seriously, sometimes...I dono what I was thinking. Hahaha. I'm alot happier lately. I still and sort of upset about everything that happened recently. I didnt realize how much Steven had hurt me untill a while after. It just sort of..hit me! But it's okay. I've been doing alot better in school! Yesss.. I had some help getting math explained to me so thats easier. Me and Emmy are hangin' out alot more. I think I raised my English grade to an A, and then yeahh. I dunno!

I think I'm gunna go work on some homework or something...maybe.

Tuesday* [Feb. 22nd, 2005|06:47 pm]
[mood |weirdDramatic]
[music |Nobody's Home-Avril Lavigne]

I went to the church to help with Love Inc. during my LME and Science hour. Aww, it was so incredibly sad. Some people didnt have phones, people lost their jobs, some lady's brother in-law smashed all her car windows when he was drunk, another man's wife died from being sick and hungry I guess? I dono. I made my Science test up..and it was super hard. Watch me fail. Hehehe.
Today was gay. Everyone was being retarted.
Got home. Talked to Logan. Aww, I really think I kind of like him :0
Had ballet...wow, can I be anymore graceful..syke. Umm..I actually did better today than last week. That took my mind off everything. I need to work on my leaps very badly though, and I need another leotard. Hm..
I want the Dawson's Creek cd.

Shit load of homework...man.

</333 *Katie

So Tired.. [Feb. 21st, 2005|09:04 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |Total Eclipse of The Heart-Bonnie Tyler]

Wow. I'm super tired.
Friday-*Went to see Hitch with Steph and Ben..I saw Emmy, Tay, and Leah there...not 2 much else happened. Steph told me that Steven liked Lauren Visser..and Lauren told her he was gunna break up with me for her, and yada yada yada. At first I was hurt 'n angry, now I'm just PISSED and dissapointed. He's being a total ass, it isnt worth it. Seriously...I mean, I love the guy, just..I dono.

Saturday-*Went grocery shopping, woo hoo. Then picked Gab up, went to church..that was bad 'cause, well...Hahaha. Then we just hung out 'tell the lock in. The lock in was pretty alright. I met some people there. I met Logan, again. He's really nice. I wanna get to know him more.

Sunday-*Got like, four hours of sleep *ouch*. Then Emily and her family came over, along with my Grandma for my birthday. I got Napolean Dynamite. Heck yes! and some other stuff. Um..went to Tj's with Mary Mia and Evan. That was pretty cool. Havnt hung out with him in like, forever!

Monday-*My mom made me go to Mary's funeral..I left after communion to go see MOLLY!! I ate her tots..hahaha. Then I got kicked out of their classroom 'cause I "didnt sign in." That was gay. Um, yeah. Went to the mall. Got a shirt and some pants from hollister. Got my hair cut at The B, or whatever it's called. Had Ballet, tap, and jazz. Ugh, my Mom's talking on the phone to Emily's mom. Sometimes I wonder. I hate it how our mother's try to choose our friends for us. I dunno, I'm just really bored. I think I'm gunna go watch the Bachlorette.


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